Partners and Affiliates

There has been a tremendous value in becoming a member of these different boards and associations that has allowed Waterscapes to become a innovative leader in the pool and landscape industry.

BioNova Natural Pools

BioNova originated in Germany and teaches the technology for the European Natural Swimming Pool based on the European FFL standards. BioNova also has a US office teaching builders and architects about the Natural Pool.  In 2009, Jesse Dutra partnered with the firm and has successfully completed the first Type 5 Natural Swimming Pool in the USA. He since then has built several other natural pools and consulted on natural pool projects throughout New England.

Genesis 3 Designer

If you see a magazine on a coffee table with an amazing pool design, it’s likely to have an affiliation with a Genesis 3 designer. Genesis 3 is a design school that not only teaches students the proper construction and design techniques for high-end pools and landscapes, but also understands the importance of lifestyle that our discerning clients are looking for and teach this design approach.

Massachusetts Nursery & Landscape Association

Jesse Dutra  has been certified by the MNLA as a (MCH)  Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist. MNLA is the largest green industry business development vehicle in Massachusetts, providing members with educational opportunities, industry news, legislative representation, and business development resources, and setting the standard of professionalism in the nursery and landscape industry.

Northeast Organic Farmers Association

Jesse Dutra has been trained as an Accredited Organic Land care Professional (AOLP). Organic land care is a sustainable ecological landscaping system that promotes and enhances  biodiversity with native plants and good soil health. It is based on minimal use and using the best management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony in urban and suburban landscapes and gardens.


The IOB is the governing body of swimming pond experts and is the world’s leading association with members from 23 different countries The IOB has recently opened their doors to America. The pool of information (no pun intended) from colleagues around the world in this association is a substantial asset to American Natural Pool Builders.

Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP)

Waterscapes has been a member of the APSP for over ten years and was one of their first certifications as a (CBP) Certified Pool Builder. The APSP provides education and literature for industry professionals. Many of their standards have been adopted into international building code.

Association of Swimming Pond and Natural Swimming Pools (ASPNSP)

Jesse Dutra is currently a member and and sits as VP of  (ASPNSP),  a newly formed association for Natural Swimming Pools in the United States that is affiliated with The International Organization (IOB).


We are proud to be a member of Carecraft, wholesale pool distributors. In addition, Carecraft creates a platform for education and collaboration for different designers and builders throughout the country.

American Shotcrete Association

Waterscapes is a member of the ASA that mandates and educates quality shotcrete applications through the American Concrete Institute.


Pentair is a leading pool equipment supplier and known for having the best quality in the industry. Waterscapes has been factory trained and is part of Nantucket’s Warranty Service Center, so if your equipment needs service, there is no costs for parts and materials while the product is under warranty.