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Waterscapes provides various levels of design consultation for our clients. We are also very accommodating when working directly with landscape architects and builders, offering professional insight as needed.

We provide Design Management Services, producing a seamless operation when getting plans approved by needed boards and building departments. We at Waterscapes have a distinct advantage living on Nantucket because knowing the local environment helps us present plans properly. Our design services incorporate Auto CADD, 3D computer rendering, including 3D video walk through, along with traditional hand colored designs.


Nantucket Pools and Spas

There are not too many people who do not like to swim and relax in water. A swimming pool offers this in your backyard in a controlled environment. Nowadays, when children and adults are fixed to their devices the swimming pool and or spa is a great way to break away and enjoy some outdoor activities.

We build pools the right way, cutting no corners on materials or quality of craftsmanship. We approach the pool design as an extension of landscape, providing owners and architects with a seamless, hassle-free transition. We take pride in ensuring a consistent quality and a pleasant experience for every client.


Nantucket Landscape

The landscape is the root of my business which started in 1997. I still very much enjoy a hard days work pruning and digging in the soil.

Our Nantucket landscape services include design, construction, plantings, along with lawn and garden care. We also have an organic greenhouse and container gardens managed by Emily Dutra, my sister. We are one of the leading companies specializing in organics and sustainability on Nantucket with at least four members of our crew as accredited land care professionals by Northeast Organic Farmers Association (NOFA).


The Outdoor Room

The outdoor room has been around since the dawn of mankind. Throughout history, whether it was a Tibetan Monk, Egyptians or a Roman Emperor, there has always been a direct connection between relaxing and or entertaining outdoors.

Today the outdoor room has become even more popular, as the desire to create family traditions and bonds around the home has grown. The outdoor room can be as simple as your teak bench tucked under your favorite shade tree, or a beautiful gathering place with the elements of water, fire and stone.


Nantucket Fire Features

Few things are as tranquil as sitting by a fire. Its hypnotic nature will keep you relaxed and stress-free. Whether it is a fire pit, a wood burning oven or an advanced fire feature that mixes nature’s elements, you and your company will be drawn to its soothing flames.


Nantucket Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens can be the centerpiece to your outdoor living experience. Grilling is America’s favorite pastime; it’s a time where people come together and enjoy a meal outdoors. With customized outdoor kitchens built to suit your needs, the possibilities are endless. We take stainless steel appliances and mold them with beautiful stone to create truly astonishing surfaces that are not only elegant, but functional.


Nantucket Outdoor Furniture

In addition to our landscape design work, we offer a variety of outdoor furniture made to be stylish and resistant to the Nantucket elements. Our design team understands the importance of bringing in color and comfort with stylish outdoor cushions and other accessories. You can be sure your outdoor pieces will last and fit right into your home and the rest of your landscape.


Nantucket Landscape Lighting

When designed and installed correctly, landscape lighting will create a subtle glow with no glare—creating the perfect ambiance for outdoor gatherings. Some areas that are good choices to use lighting include, but are not limited to: pool and BBQ areas, specimen trees and shrubs, garden art, entrances, and ways of egress.


Nantucket Stone Work

Natural stone features will enhance your outdoor living experience while adding an enduring beauty to your property. We can custom design any feature to your specifications, including but not limited to: brickwork, stone walls and patios, custom planters, water features, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits. Please visit our resource page www.NantucketStoneWork.com and learn more about the different styles and types of stone.


Natural Swimming Pool

The Natural Swimming Pool; or Natural Swimming Pond (NSP) originated in Austria & Germany over 30 years ago. Today, there are more than 30,000 Natural Swimming Pools across Europe; including large, public swim facilities.

The Natural Swimming Pool is based on limnology; a scientific system that allows plant and microorganisms to naturally filter the swimming water; which make it free of chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

Jesse Dutra and his Waterscapes team have been on the cutting edge of sustainable and socially responsible land care and have been traveling to Europe to study the Natural Swimming Pool. They are excited to bring this technology back to United States for their clientele in Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard.

By offering the Natural Swimming Pool to homeowners, it allows for a healthier and rejuvenating alternative to the conventional, sterile swimming pool.  With our horticulturalists, water gardeners and land care professionals, we can help create a beautiful and sustainable waterscape for your family and friends to enjoy.

Please contact us for your interest in a Natural Swimming Pool, as it is our passion and visit our new Natural Swimming Pool website www. Waterscapenaturalpools.com for more information




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